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Songs I never seem to tire of:

“Waiting for the Moon Rise” - Belle & Sebastian
I listened to this album non-stop the fall of 2001. It got me through a bad breakup. There is something magical about it. Even though it mentions both spring and winter, this song reminds me of fall for some reason.

“Buildings in America” - Richard Swift
My friend John sent this to me on a mix cd. It always makes me a little sad, especially after Richard Swift passed away. I wish I could write anything half as good as the lyrics to this song.

“From The Sun” - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
A song about depression and loneliness, but in a winking way. “I’m so lonely, I’ve got to eat my popcorn all alone”. Also, the video is an homage to Marina Abramovic.

“Give Me Back My Man” - The B-52s
There is a video of the band performing this song circa 1981 or so. I don’t think anyone will ever be as cool as Cindy Wilson was during that performance. Early B-52s is so good.

“Parallels” - Big Thief
Masterpiece is my favorite Big Thief album. Adrianne Lenker doesn’t sing the same anymore. There is such an openness and fragility to her voice in this song. It’s beautiful.

“Is Nothing New” - Ester Drang
I think I’ve seen Ester Drang play more than any other band. I remember blasting this song during a period of my life when I was both miserable and hopeful. I would just lose myself in the dreamy density of it.

“Your Best American Girl” - Mitski
I am only exaggerating slightly when I say that the day I first heard this song I barely got anything else accomplished. I listened to it maybe 40 times. This is the first Mitski song I really fell in love with.

“Knives Out” - Radiohead
I couldn’t listen to Kid A or Amnesiac for years because they brought up painful memories. This song has never lost it’s appeal though.

“Fiya” - TuneYards
This song says so much so simply.
What if my own skin makes my skin crawl?/What if my own flesh is suburban sprawl?/What happened between us makes sense if you’re nothing and I’m all/ Why did you think I’d put out your fire… Don’t you know I breathe in fire, breathe out fire.

“Oblivion” - Grimes
So upbeat, and then the lyrics sneak up on you. Which is exactly what Grimes wanted.

“Train Song” - Vashti Bunyan
This song just hits in a way I can’t articulate.

“Just Dumb Enough to Try” - Father John Misty
This song will wreck you. And makes up for the fact that FJM uses the phrase “poem zone” later in the album.

“Smooth Death” - Danielson
I can’t explain why this song of all of Danielson’s songs. Such a Danielson fan. Their shows were pure joy.

“Casimir Pulaski Day”- Sufjan Stevens.
When we were poor newlyweds my husband surprised me with Illinois and a bouquet of flowers because I loved Michigan and Seven Swans so much. (“For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti” is also a great song.) Illinois is without argument a fantastic album, but there was a point in the mid 2000s where it was everywhere and I got kind of tired of it.

“Title Track” - Death Cab for Cutie
This reminds me of reckless season during the end of college/post-college where I wasn’t my best me. My best judgement signed it’s resignation indeed.

“4th of July” - Hand Habits
Relatively new song that I can’t shake. Meg Duffy is so damn talented.

“Bad Things to Such Good People” - Pedro the Lion
It seems silly to pick just one song off of this album. Winners Never Quit is fantastic album - beginning to end - and it must be listened to in exactly that way to get the full story. Even 20 years later this album reminds me of late nights in art labs and a particular middle-of-the-night road trip from Austin to Dallas, laying in the backseat, watching stars and streetlights, while listening to it on repeat.

1:18 a.m. - 2021-09-30

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