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September has flown by. The husband has had a lot of shows, plus they just spent a weekend in the studio with one of the members of Midlake. Very excited for the new album but have requested that he be around a bit more the next month or two.
The girls have started back to school, which has been excellent for our oldest and a mixed bag for our youngest. Her anxiety was at an all time high over the summer, and we have pulled her off of all meds because at least she would leave the house before all of this started. Most days are good but sometimes the anxiety wins and we don't know why or to fix it.
I took Labor Day weekend to myself to get some respite. I got much needed rest, but it also felt strange, sitting in a hotel room alone for three days, while life went on around me. Especially as many of the fellow guests were hurricane evacuees. And also because I was an only an hour from home, and lonely. What I want most is not to need respite, but parenting has been particularly draining lately.
Everything has.
Finally confessed this and had a good cry with husband the other night. Sometimes just saying it out loud helps, and then I reset a little bit.
Today was a good day, and I was productive. I am used to being productive at work, but our household sadly gets short changed. But today I felt mentally clear and physically well, and was able to get much done. Pain has been more manageable lately due to the procurement of a tens unit and CBD oil.
Nothing spectacular. Just feeling like myself again.
Logging off now because this is becoming more and more mundane with each sentence, and also because the cats have now raced across my sleeping husband three times and need to be scolded :)

11:29 p.m. - 2017-09-25

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